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A Dozen Ways to Protect Democracy from Your Own Home in Your Spare Time

Watch.  Listen.  Speak Up.

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Be an Election Judge or Clerk

ELECTIONS-Election-JudgeWorkers-CROPPED (1).jpg

Be a Student Election Clerk

Image by Jeswin Thomas

Give a Voter a Ride to the Polls


Be a Volunteer Deputy Registrar


Be a Democratic Precinct Chair or Helper

two senior neighbors man and woman takling to each other on sunny day near fence. They dis

Make Sure High Schools Are Registering Students to Vote

Teenage school kids smiling to camera in school corridor.jpg

Be a Poll Watcher

Multi-ethnic group of people standing in row and wearing masks at polling station on elect

Be an Elections Protection Volunteer


Talk to Your Reps

Talking Business_edited.jpg

Testify to Government Committees

Public Speaker

Write Letters to the Editor

Business Morning

Stop Online Dis-Information


Pursue your Passion

Go to our lists of activist organizations

and local Democratic clubs for

information about groups focused on

particular issues.

Guest Speaker

“I’ve come to realize that hope isn’t something you ask of others. It’s something you must first give to yourself. This year has taught us to find light in the quiet, in the dark, and, most importantly, how to find hope in ourselves. 2020 has spoken, loud and clear as a battle drum. In 2021, let us answer the call with a shout.”

Amanda Gorman, January 20, 2021

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