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Working together locally for change. Local groups can build and influence change in ways that those at the national level cannot.

Monthly Meetings

2nd Saturdays, 10 a.m. to Noon

  • Monthly meetings feature guest speakers who are elected officials, activists with various causes, subject-matter experts, and others who help us understand what's happening in government and politics.

  • During elections, NEBCD sponsors forums to meet candidates and ask them questions so they are more than a campaign sign or a stump speech. 

  • After forums, NEBCD members vote on whether to endorse any candidates.

  • Anyone is welcome to join NEBCD to be included.




NEBCD's membership dues are $20 per year.


Two options are available to support ongoing grassroots efforts:

(1) Annual dues: $20.00 per year

(2) Sustaining membership: $5.00 or more per month. 

We offer special membership rates for people under 30


NEBCD is a Nonprofit 527 Political Action Committee (PAC)

NEBCD is designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a 527 political action committee that relies on dues and donations to carry out its mission. 

NEBCD has no paid staff. All donations support leasing and operating a campaign office during election cycles. Volunteers at the office provide administrative support to candidates and a point of contact for voters and volunteers seeking information and campaign materials.

NEBCD is the only Democratic club in Bexar County that operates an office.

Image by Katt Yukawa


We know you get lots of requests for donations from national candidates and advocacy groups, and you often wonder where your money would do the most good. 

But do you know that the success of all candidates--national, state, city and county candidates--depends on local grassroots organizations--your neighbors who volunteer to register voters, knock on doors, make phone calls, write postcards and spend countless hours performing other basic tasks to Get Out the Vote? 

That's what NEBCD does for our community.  

Please consider donating to our local political efforts to build a better democracy from the ground up. 

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