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Write Letters to the Editor

You never know when your thoughts might clarify or dramatize a point--or become part of a critical mass of responses--that can change public opinion.

  • There are many media outlets in Bexar County.  Some are included in this list but there are others. 

  • Don't limit yourself to the San Antonio Express-News, but do keep in mind that the Express-News has the largest readership in the county.

  • Check out the newspapers in outlying towns such as Helotes, New Braunfels and Seguin as well as other towns and neighborhoods. You may have better luck publishing in these newspapers because they probably have fewer submissions than the Express-News.  However, these newspapers are interested in publishing on topics of interest to their communities, and may show a preference for writers living in their communities.

  • If your letter applies to a larger statewide audience, consider submitting it to other urban newspapers in Houston, Austin, El Paso, Dallas and Fort Worth.

  • You also may find an audience in newsletters, websites and FaceBook published by political organizations, civic clubs, churches and other groups.

Instructions from the Express News for letters to the editor and guest op-eds as of January 2021 should be applied to submissions to other outlets: 

  • Submissions are subject to editing for accuracy, clarity and grammar. We refuse submissions that explicitly insult individuals rather than remark on their actions, opinions or policies. Please include a URL to confirm any facts or sources presented in your submission.

  • All submissions, including email, must include a full name (no initials, pseudonyms nor withheld identities, please), address and a daytime telephone number. Send them to

  • Letters to the editor: Say it 150 words or less. Titles are not counted. We receive far more letters than we have space to publish, so we prioritize submissions in response to recent articles, opinions and photos published in digital and print editions of the Express-News, as well as letters regarding urgent topics.

  • Guest op-eds: Say it in 450-700 words. The Express-News publishes original column-length commentaries to reflect a variety of viewpoints and facilitate an open debate on issues important to the community.

  • This link explains in more detail how to write an effective letter to the editor.​

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