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Asian American Democrats of Texas

Asian American Democrats of Texas The mission of AADT is to mobilize and unify Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Democrats of Texas into a cohesive, political force in order to increase the Asian-American voice in politics and government.  We aim to connect AAPIs with the state party and help turn out the community. We aim to train future candidates, staffers, precinct chairs, and grassroots activists.  FACEBOOK

Bexar County Democratic Party

Bexar County Democratic Party is the lead organization for all Democratic activities in Bexar County, with a connection directly to the Texas Democratic Party.  As such it is not a club like the others listed below, but coordinates with those clubs to maximize voter turnout and volunteer support.   Throughout its 168-year existence, the Bexar County Democratic Party has promoted the Democratic Party values, traditions, and history as a local political organization dedicated to representing the concerns of ALL citizens in Bexar County. The BCDP is led by a Chairperson elected during the primary election every two years by registered Democrats residing in Bexar County. Elected and/or appointed precinct chairs from 734 voter precincts in  Bexar County represent the smallest political unit in Texas:  They work in their neighborhoods to keep their neighbors informed, educated, and alerted to current political issues and opportunities to get involved.  To find your precinct chair or see if there is a vacancy you might fill, click here

This is not a club but the presence of the TCDP in Bexar County, while the groups below are affiliated independent organizations.

Bexar County Tejanos

Bexar County Tejano Democrats is a political organization promoting education, advocacy, and increasing Hispanic voter turnout.

Bexar County Democratic Women

Coalition of Texans with Disabilities

Las Chiladas

Las Chiladas is an informal discussion group that meets monthly to discuss current issues.  The group consists of people with experience in government agencies, the military, healthcare, policy analysis, research, finance, nonprofits, academia, business, and more.  The group invites subject matter experts, government officials, politicians and others for seminar style discussions that last 60-90 minutes.  Contact Las Chiladas for more information.

Northwest Bexar County Democrats

Northwest Bexar County Democrats works for the election of Democrats at the local, state and national level through volunteer activities; to inform the membership of, and to advise action on, pertinent political issues; to encourage voter registration and turnout and to perform certain community services as approved by the membership.

Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio

Stonewall Democrats of San Antonio is the progressive political voice of the LGBTQIA community. Founded in 2000, the mission of SDSA is to participate in political activities that create a strong and effective voice for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) communities in local and state policy decisions.

Tejano Democrats

Bexar County Tejano Democrats is a political partisan organization promoting education, advocacy, and increasing Hispanic voter turnout.

Texas Democratic Women of Bexar County

 Texas Democratic Women of Bexar County.  FACEBOOK

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