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Have an Impact: Train for an Hour, Join a Team or Work Independently, and Work Short Shifts When You Have Time

Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars, referred to as VDRs, register voters and deliver completed applications in person to the Bexar County Elections Office, an important service to Bexar County voters, as there is no online voter registration in Texas.

Because there is no online voter registration in Texas, it cannot be stressed enough how important this volunteer function is to helping citizens get registered to vote...and remain registered to many registered voters don't know that they must update their voter registration any time they move to a new address or change their name.

With Republican gerrymandering, Democrats have to take an aggressive response with the most powerful tool we have available:  Getting out the Vote (GOTV).  It is estimated that 2 million Texans who are likely to vote Democratic did not show up in the last major election.  Two million Democratic votes could win the governorship.  Between Houston and San Antonio, two liberal cities, the population has increased by 3.3 million in recent years. 

The voters are there. We must find them, register them to vote, and persuade them that our future is a stake.

Contacts for Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training

Three Ways to Get Trained:  In Person, Zoom, and Self Directed Online



Trainings are:

--Socially  distanced

--Take place on specific Tuesdays of the month

--At 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

---At the Bexar County Elections Department (1103 S. Frio St. | 78207)

--Under an hour in duration

--Go to this link or call 210 335-6625 to reserve your spot at a training session, as spaces are limited. 

VOTE FOR A BETTER TEXAS is a collaborative effort of the Bexar County Democratic Party, Bexar County Young Democrats and North East Bexar County Democrats.

Trainings are:

--Socially distanced

--Take place on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons

--At the North East Bexar Democrats Campaign Office (San Pedro Towne Center, 7122 San Pedro, Suite 106 | 78216)

--Go to this link to reserve your spot



--Beginning July 6, 2021 the Virtual training will be every Tuesday @ 9am

--Additional training is offered the second Tuesday of each month @ 6pm

--Class limit 25 participants.

--Please click here for the registration form.

--Participants must individually register with a valid email address. Upon completion of the virtual training, the registered participant will have until Friday of that week by 5pm to pick up your certificate, VDR Packet, and take the VDR oath. Please bring a valid TDL or ID.


--To sign up for the first training session and others later in July, go to this link.


Training online involves self-study of a training manual pdf, completion of an "open book" test, and a brief visit to the Bexar County Elections Office at your convenience to have your exam graded and to receive your Certificate of Appointment.

1. read the volunteer deputy voter registrar training manual (pdf) on the website of the Texas Secretary of State

2. print a copy of the open book exam (pdf). All  answers to the test questions can be found in the training PDF. No access to a printer? Set up an appointment to take the exam at the Bexar County Elections Department (210-335-6625).

3. bring your exam to the Bexar County Elections (1103 S. Frio St. | 78207) during business hours

A passing score is 90%, and you can re-take the test right there as many times as needed.

4. Once you've passed the open-book exam, you will be issued a personal VDR number and a Certificate of Appointment.

5. Questions about the process?

Call the Bexar County Elections Department at 210-335-6625.

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