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Be a Democratic Precinct Chair

Voters are most likely to be influenced by people they know and trust.  Precinct Chairs, Precinct Coordinators and Block Captains build relationships of trust with neighbors.

  • ​A precinct is the smallest political subdivision in Texas.

  • Precinct Chairs are the officials elected to oversee individual precincts – their responsibility is to engage directly with voters of their party in a  geographic area within their neighborhood.   ​

  • Democrats and Republicans elect precinct chairs in their primaries every two years; between elections, precinct chairs may be appointed when a position is vacant.

  • Precinct Chairs also sit on the County Executive Committee, which conducts the local business of the parties.  This is a volunteer position.

Precinct Coordinators assist  Democratic Precinct Chairs in their neighborhoods with their duties. 

  • For more information and to apply to be a precinct coordinator, contact your Precinct Chair or call the Bexar County Democratic Party.   

  • This is a volunteer position.

Block Captains help Democratic Precinct Chairs build relationships of trust with neighbors to encourage them to vote.

  • Block Captains are assigned a block in their neighborhood so that the work of getting out the vote is manageable for the Precinct Chair.

  • After making initial contact with each Democrat on their block, Block Captains will continue periodic contact with these voters to get out the vote and to provide information about related issues. 

  • The Precinct Chair and Precinct Coordinator provide training and support to Block Captains.  For more information and to apply to be a Block Captain, call your Precinct Chair or the Bexar County Democratic Party and ask how to get in touch with your Precinct Chair​. This is a volunteer position.

Application. To apply:

1. Use the precinct search tool to identify your precinct number and then CHECK whether your precinct chair is vacant. 

If the precinct is not vacant the application form will provide you the option to apply for Precinct Coordinator instead.

2. Click the application icon to complete the online form.

3. Note: If you wish to complete the application manually, a link to the version from the Secretary of State is provided HERE

4. Send the completed and signed application to:  

Bexar County Democratic Party

P.O.  Box 12534  

San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 504-0507 or (210) 332-5436 

For other opportunities to volunteer, contact the Democratic Party at this link

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