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This page features information on topics of urgent interest to Democrats.

Gun Safety and School Violence

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Reproductive Rights & Abortion

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Voter Suppression

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Issues we care about

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There are big gaps between Democrats and Republicans around many issues concerning politics and governance.

With so many issues and a lot of contradictory information, it's hard to know where we should be paying attention and what it all means. How do we know what to believe*, much less what to do in such an environment? How do we prioritize what's most important? Above is a partial list of issues, which we add to from time to time, that we think we all should be informed about, with links to other resources to learn more. 

*Ad Fontes, incorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), rates the news for reliability and bias to help people navigate the news landscape.  They provide data, tools, and educational resources for all stakeholders in quality news media