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Fund NEBCD--Fund the Fight for Democracy

Due to COVID, NEBCD has decided not to hold its annual spring fundraising event.  However, we will continue with an aggressive fundraising campaign to make sure all Democratic candidates have our grassroots support starting with the March primaries and continuing through

the November General Election. 

Your donations to the annual fundraiser are more important now than ever.  Read below about how to donate and what your donation makes possible.

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NEBCD Impact

Getting Results and Making Progress

 In 2020 we increased Democratic turnout in the Bexar County portion of U.S. congressional district 21 by 59%, while Republicans only increased their turnout by 2.4%.

→ The increase in the County Commissioner 3 race was 53%; in TX House district 121 it was 32%

→ In the State Board of Education race, the increase was 42% and we won a very important seat long held by uber-conservative Republicans.

→ In 2021 NEBCD, along with our sister organization Bexar Blue Action Democrats (BBAD), have funded the countywide search to identify precinct chairs and volunteers for the March 1, 2022, Primary Election.

Make a Donation

Go to this ActBlue link to donate with ease and confidence.

What Your Donation Does

Your donation helps fund an intensive, well-planned campaign effort from a full time campaign office staffed by volunteers in northeast Bexar County from July to November.  NEBCD will  promote and support all Democratic candidates in the November 8, 2022, General Election.

Image by James Lee

Things to Come

Cause for Concern and Cause for Hope

Republicans have gerrymandered Texas and rewritten voting rules to give them an unfair advantage in the election.  It is an effort to undermine the most basic concept of American democracy:  the right of every person to vote, and the idea of one person/one vote.

But we know there are 2,000,000 Texans who have not voted in the past and are likely to vote Democratic.

NEBCD is part of a statewide effort to turn out those Democrats who haven't voted and to encourage Democrats who may think voting doesn't matter that this election is still ours to win.

Now, more than ever, We must come together and fight for democracy.

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