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Voter Suppression

Discouraging voters and making it harder to vote.

The Texas Legislature joined several other Republican controlled states in producing volumes of new laws to prevent alleged voter fraud.  Despite no evidence of significant voter fraud and the assurance of the Republican Secretary of State that Texas had a ‘smooth and secure’ election in 2020, Republicans have insisted that irregularities must be addressed to guarantee election integrity. 

Numerous observers see the new laws as an effort to make it harder to vote and to intimidate voters from voting at all.  As the state becomes more diverse, the Republican share of the vote has declined: Keeping voters from the polls is a way for Republicans to hold on to their shrinking majority and control.

The commitment of Republicans to voter intimidation and suppression makes the grassroots mission of NEBCD and other organizations more important than ever.  The best way we can counter their efforts is to make personal contact with people in our community to be sure they know how to register and vote and to assist voters at the polls as election officials, poll watchers and voter advocates.

Texas GOP pushes lawmakers to limit vote-by-mail for seniors and cut early voting periodJeremy Wallace, San Antonio Express News, Austin Bureau, July 1, 2022