Saturday, May 8, 10 am to Noon 



This is a rebroadcast of May's Meeting with guest speaker Chief Justice of the Fourth Court of Appeals, joined by Gen Van Cleve of All On The Line, and Chief  of Staff from Senator Jose Menendez' office, Ms. Pearl Cruz.


Justice Martinez discusses the 87th Texas Lege and Texas Senate Bill 11, which was withdrawn last month amid considerable controversy.  "SB 11 would have reduced the number of appeals court districts from 14 to seven. Supporters of the bill said it would increase judicial efficiency by equalizing the workload across the different districts. They also argued that consolidating the court districts would reduce the transfer of cases from one appellate district to another. Have a listen....

The bill is expected to reemerge sometime later this session or next. Please call your Democratic representatives and thank them for their hard work, long hours, and diligence.  

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Zoom Meeting decorum will be strictly monitored during this meeting - Cameras ON, or Photo displayed, stay muted, questions in the chat box, raise hand to be recognized.  Thank you for your cooperation.