Click here to see candidates not endorsed but deemed "A True Democrat Who Reflects Democratic Principles,” and considered by the majority of the membership to be competent and worthy of the office for which they are running. 

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On January 8 North East Bexar County Democrats (NEBCD) conducted a public forum of judicial candidates who have opponents in the March 1 Democratic Primary Election.  On February 12, non-judicial candidates who have opponents were featured in a public forum. 

Following each forum, NEBCD membership voted whether to endorse any of the candidates.

There were two levels of endorsement:

1. One is the highest level, in which a 2/3 majority of the membership present endorsed an individual as the best candidate. This level signifies “the Best Candidate for the Office, to the exclusion of all other candidates.”  These candidates' names are marked on the sample ballot.

2. The other level, voted by a simple majority of members present, signifies  "a True Democrat

Who Reflects Democratic Principles.”  This category reflects the difficulty of attaining a 2/3 majority vote but acknowledges that these candidates are deemed by the majority of the membership as competent and worthy of the office for which they are running. You can see these candidates' names here.