Covid - 19 has changed the way we live, work, play, and certainly volunteer.  We have to be resilient, and adaptive during this pandemic to ensure our victory in the White House.  NEBCD has made every effort to keep members informed about our continued need to hold meetings, and candidate forums; we shall not be deterred.   Our meetings are now all virtual through the zoom.us platform. We now have a YouTube Channel - NEBCD.  Please let us know if you need help with training resources to continue joining meetings, connecting to other members, or volunteering.  We want to hear from you.   


NEBCD is activating our request for volunteers to Get-Out-The-Vote 2020! Volunteering just got easier with Colt Osburn, our new NEBCD Field Organizer. Colt will be organizing for the final push leading up to election day. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED!   ASK FOR COLT OR JOHN GOODMAN

NEBCD field office:  has signs and candidate information!

6653 San Pedro, 78216 


BBAD - NEBCD Volunteer Event Schedules:

Tuesdays with BBAD Now Until November   

6pm - 8pm  Virtual Phone Bank

Can You Distribute Sample Ballots?  WE NEED YOU


Dial For MJ

Phonebank for Celina For Texas

Bexar County Phone Bank

Final 24 Hours to Make a Difference!

Election Integrity......


Election Protection Hotline  (866) 687-8683

Voting Problems  1-844-898-6837

Voter Assistance Hotline 844-TX-Votes

Poll Watcher and Hotline Training contact


Volunteers Needed for Voter Protection 

Be on-call for special projects and problem solving please contact Lorraine Garcia (lgarcia@txdemocrats.org) 

Also we are in need of Boiler Room Captains

If you know people who have served in the Boiler Room in the past or were excellent poll watchers and might be good for this, please send their information to Lorraine Garcia (lgarcia@txdemocrats.org) so she can reach out to them and see if they'd be a good fit.

Help us recruit poll watchers 

While we have many folks signed up, we are still recruiting legal professionals and problem solvers to serve as poll watchers across Texas, with a particular focus in West Texas and South Texas/the RGV.

We'd love your help with recruitment. You can send folks to txdem.co/voprovol to sign up. 

Thank you!


Make a Plan to Vote




VOTE BY MAIL: Commences SEP 28

  1. Take the included Candidate List to a Polling Center as your ​cheat sheet. OR DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO BALLOT ON YOUR PHONE https://youtu.be/DaDdidb3Ykc

  2. IN PERSON VOTING: Bring a current photo ID. Wear a mask. We suggest comfy shoes, snack/water, and a folding chair. Remember your DEMOCRATIC BALLOT OR YOUTUBE VIDEO BALLOT https://youtu.be/DaDdidb3Ykc

  3. VOTE BY MAIL BALLOTS (VBM): Mailed to approved applicants beginning SEPT 26th.

    • ●  QUESTIONS? Call 210-335-8160

    • ●  Complete and return your marked VBM ballot ASAP by doing the following:

    • ●  Place your completed ballot inside the​ ballot​ envelope ​(WHITE) ​and place the White ​envelope inside the  (Yellow)​ outer​ envelope

    • ●  Sign the ​(Yellow) ​outer envelope along the ​licked seal edge.

    • ●  Put ONE First Class stamp on the front of the outer envelope /mail.

    • ●  If you become concerned about USPS delivery, ​hand ​deliver your VBM Ballot to Bexar County Elections at 1103 S. Flores Street, San Antonio, TX, 78207-6328. A personal photo ID is required to drop off your ballot

  4. CHANGED YOUR MIND? If you want to vote in person instead of VBM, take your UNMARKED BALLOT ​to an in-person Polling Center and hand it to an Election Official who will ​cancel ​it so you can vote in person - with a Photo ID.

  5. CELL PHONES: You will not be allowed to use a cell phone in a Polling Center, but it is very important that you use it outside to call for assistance if you experience any behavioral problems at the Polling Center. Everyone must be given the opportunity to vote!
    Call one of the numbers below if you or someone else is not given the Right to Vote:

    • ●  Local Police/Sheriff – to report disruptive people: 411

    • ●  Bexar County Democratic Party: Location of closest Polling center:


    • ●  TX Civil Rights Project (non-partisan): Observed discrimination, ADA failures,

      Civil rights of others: 866-OUR- VOTETX or

    • ●  Texas Democratic Party: 844-TX-VOTES (partisan)



Ex-Felons have earned the right to Vote when they are judged as “off papers” by meeting the Texas Election Code 11.002, line 4a.


See Secretary of State ​ELECTION ADVISORY NO. 2017-14 about these issues:

  • ●  Electioneering within 100 feet of a Polling Center is prohibited

  • ●  Sound amplification systems may not be used within 1000 feet of a Polling Center

  • ●  The Texas Penal Code generally prohibits a person from bringing a firearm onto the premises of a Polling Center in Section 46.03(a)




​Questions / Concerns?
Call / Text Audrey @ 210-517-7032

BCDP Election Integrity Chairman


Become the "go-to" for all Democratic things in your neighborhood.

Click here to see if your precinct is currently without a chair!

Our club puts together a robust campaign effort on the north and northeast sides of Bexar County for Democrats on the ballot every election year (2016, 2018, 2020, etc). We can't do that without your support.


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Meetings By Zoom until further notice

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