March 14, 2020 | 10am-12pm | Unity Church 78209


Guest Speaker


Genevieve Van Cleve

Texas State Director


ALL On The Line





All On The Line is a national campaign to restore fairness to our democracy and ensure every American has an equal say in our government. This campaign will be driven by grassroots organizers who want to make a lasting impact on the future of their community, state, and country. Whether you care about making sure everyone has access to quality, affordable health care, achieving equal pay, reducing the gun violence that plagues our schools and communities, protecting voting rights, or dealing with the urgent threat of climate change, there is a fundamental structural barrier that prevents progress: manipulated electoral maps drawn with surgical precision by politicians to preserve their party’s political power and silence the will of the people. This practice—gerrymandering—is when politicians pick their voters instead of voters picking their elected officials and it impacts communities across the nation. The All On The Line campaign will fight against gerrymandering and push for fair maps in the next round of redistricting.





































Democratic Primary Challenged Races...




An NEBCD Endorsement requires 2/3rds majority for the Best and Highest level of endorsement. In the event of no majority vote, NEBCD members can approve of a Second and Highest level of endorsement that will be an endorsement of one candidate as "the best candidate for the office, to the exclusion of all other candidates, and a true Democrat who reflects Democratic principles." The Second and Highest endorsement can be made only by majority vote of the members present. 

Texas Tribune Voter Guide  -  The 411 Voter Guide

Or, the candidate links provided below


 US Texas Senator

Favorable Democrats Designations 

Mary MJ Hegar

Cristina Tzintzün Ramirez


US Representative District 20

Joaquin Castro


US Representative District 21

Wendy Davis


US Representative District 23

Gina Ortiz Jones


US Representative District 28

 Jessica Cisneros


US Representative District 35

 Lloyd Doggett


Bexar County Sheriff

Javier Salazar


Bexar County Democratic Chair

Monica Alcantara


Bexar County Tax Assessor

 Albert Uresti


Railroad Commissioner 

Kelly Stone


State Board of Education District 5

Rebecca Bell-Metereau

State Senator District 19

Favorable Democrats Designations 

Roland Gutierrez

Xochil Pena Rodriguez

Freddy Ramirez


Texas State Representative 116

Trey Martinez Fischer


Texas State Representative 119

Jennifer Ramos


Texas State Representative 121

 Becca Moyer Defelice

Commissioner Precinct 2

Favorable Democrats Designations

 Justine Rodriguez

Queta Rodriguez

NEBCD Committee Chair & Co-Chairs Elections

Vice-Chairman - Bob Miller

Treasurer - Bryan Gerard

Member of Board at Large - Madeleine Dewar

Proposed Amendment to the Standing Rules Passed with 2/3rds majority in session

New Section:

5. Candidate Forums

    A. Northeast Bexar County Democrats may, in anticipation of elections of interest to the membership, hold forums at which candidates will be given the opportunity to address the membership and answer questions posed by members in attendance. 

    B. Only candidates shall be allowed to speak to the audience as a whole at NEBCD candidate forums. However, candidates' authorized representatives are welcome to attend, distribute campaign literature and speak one-on-one with attendees.

Proposed Amendment to the Standing rules passed by 2/3rds majority in session


1.  Membership dues are $20.00 per year.

    New Clause:

    C. Membership begins on the date that the member's first dues payment is made. Thereafter, membership renews each year on the anniversary of the

first dues payment, provided that a new payment of dues is made. If a dues payment is made before the annual renewal date, the renewal of membership begins on the next anniversary of the membership. If the dues payment is made after the annual renewal date, the renewal begins on the previous anniversary of the membership. Members who fail to renew their membership by payment of dues within one year of their anniversary lose their membership and must reapply. In such case, the new membership anniversary shall be the date of their new payment of dues.



All Democratic Uncontested Races May 

Contact NEBCD to Request the 

Designation for Endorsement



NEBCD Upcoming Events

February 20th -Laughing Liberally

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The following judicial candidates were endorsed for the Democratic Primary by two-thirds majority of attending members of the

North East Bexar County Democrats on January 11, 2020 


Jerry Zimmerer, Candidate for Chief Justice, Texas Supreme Court

Kathy Cheng, Candidate for Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 6

Jackie Valdes, Candidate for Judge, 386th District Court

Gisela Triana, Candidate for Justice, Texas Supreme Court, Place 8

Elizabeth Davis Frizell, Court of Criminal Appeals

Michael Mery, Judge, 37th District Court

Tina Torres, Candidate for Judge, 407th District Court

Christine Hortick, Candidate for Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Albert Uresti, Bexar County Tax Assessor-Collector

Ruben Tejeda, Candidate for Constable, Precinct 1

Ino Badillo, Candidate for Constable, Precinct 2


The following races were deadlocked among majority members for either designations, therefore received no endorsement
Judge, 399th District Court 
Bexar County Commissioner, Precinct 2
Constable, Precinct 4




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