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July 10, 2020 

please contact Ian Straus or Tony Blasi

about candidate invitations


July 11th, 2020 | 10am-12pm


Membership & Candidate Invitation

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by July 10 with a meeting ID and Password
please contact Ian Straus or Tony Blasi for more information


Order of Appearance will be determined by the Candidate Committee


Candidate Forum

District 1

Sandy Hughey (incumbent)


Michael Osborn


District 3

Omar Leos (incumbent)


Ione McGinty

District 4

David Beyer (incumbent)


Joseph Hoelscher

(210) 222-9132 (law firm)

District 5

Shannon Grona (incumbent)

(210) 492-6677


Cimarron Gilson

Leave message at 

District 6

Tony Jaso (incumbent)

(210) 705-4377



Dylan Pearcy


Steve Hilliard

Leave message at Connect | SteveHilliard 


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