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​Elections Occur Every Year in Bexar County:

Every 4 years, on even numbered years:  

  1. Election cycle

    • Primary elections, where candidates from the same party vie to be the party's single candidate to run against the opposing party, are held in the month of March.*  

    • General elections, where Democrats and Republicans, as well as a few other parties, pit their candidates against each other for the final vote on who will win an office, are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November


  1. Offices elected:

  • U.S. Election:  President and Vice President of the United States (2024, 2028, 2032, etc,)

  • U.S. Election:  One-third of the United States Senate


  • Texas government officials are elected in alternating even-numbered years (2022, 2026, 2028, etc.).

    • Governor

    • Lieutenant Governor

    • Attorney General

    • Comptroller of Public Accounts

    • General Land Office Commissioner

    • Agriculture Commissioner


  • One-third of the Texas Railroad Commission


  • One-half of Texas State Senate** 

    • Upcoming elections in Northeast Bexar County:

      • Senate District 25 in 2022

      • Senate Districts 19, 21, 26 in 2024


  • ​​Texas State Board of Education members are elected to four-year terms to represent one of the state's 15 education districts. Education district borders are redrawn every 10 years.*** ​


  • Bexar County Judge and Commissioners Court 

    • Bexar County Judge

    • Commissioners of Precincts 2 and 4 in 2022

    • Commissioners of Precincts 1 and 3 in 2024

Every 2 years, on odd-numbered years:  

  1. The City of San Antonio Mayor and all ten (10) City Council Offices are up for election every odd year in May.

  2. General elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November

    • Vote on Texas Constitutional Amendments 

    • Other issues or candidates may be added to this election.

Every 2 years, on even-numbered years

  1. Election cycle

    • Primary elections are held in the month of March*. 

    • General elections are held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November

  2. U.S. Congress--all members

  3. Texas

    • House of Representatives

    • Portions of the

      • TX Supreme Court

      • Criminal Court of Appeals and the Appeals Court(4th Court of Appeals in Bexar County) are elected every 2 years for 6-year terms.


*In 2022 the primary may be moved due to redistricting.

Click here for current officials of Texas and expiration of terms.

**(One-half of the Texas Senate membership is elected every two years in even-numbered years, with the exception that all 31 Senate seats are up for election for the first legislature following the decennial census in order to reflect the newly redrawn districts. This will happen in 2022.

After the initial election, the Senate is divided by lot into two classes, with one class having a re-election after two years and the other having a re-election after four years. Texas legislators assume office at the beginning of the legislative session (January).

Why Do Midterm Elections Even Exist? Here's Why the Framers Scheduled Things This Way

***The first time members of the State Board of Education meet after getting elected to redrawn districts, seven members selected at random have their current terms shortened to two years, meaning that their seats come up for election in different years than the other eight. Northeast Bexar County is represented by Rebecca Bell-Metereau, a Democrat representing District 5 on the State Board of Education who was elected in 2020. Board Term: Jan. 1, 2021 - Jan. 1, 2023.

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