The NEBCD Campaign Office

San Pedro Towne Center

7122 San Pedro Avenue

SATX 78216


NEBCD's Unique Contribution to the Political Landscape

For many years, NEBCD has operated a pop-up campaign office for 4 months--July to November--during Presidential and Mid-Term election cycles. The office functions as an organizing center for all Democratic candidates representing Bexar County.  The office is staffed full time by NEBCD volunteers who serve as points of contact for candidates and volunteers as well as voters seeking information and campaign materials.  The office also provides meeting space for anyone involved in candidate, club or volunteer activities aimed at supporting Democrats and their causes.

For 2022, the NEBCD Campaign Headquarters is located in a 7700 square foot building with several meeting rooms, small to medium office space, a kitchen and lobby.  NEBCD is inviting candidates and other clubs to use the space for meetings, phone banking, organizing and more.  For information on using this space, contact Madeleine Dewar at the Campaign HQ or